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Kylo Ren Starkiller Base Coat LEVEL 2

Kylo Ren Starkiller Base Coat LEVEL 2

$ 259.00

New!  Starkiller Kylo Ren Coat.  Default Style listed here is for Level 2 with 2 front bodice seams that also match 2 front pleats going down the front of coat skirt.  Back of coat also has 3 pleats 5" from center pleat.  Front, sides and back are open. 

***For custom fit please provide a measure from shoulder to waist and a measure from waist to ankle in Notes upon checkout. 

This is a beautiful fabric which has been crinkled giving it this gorgeous texture.

For 501st approval:
Made from a black twill natural fiber (ex: wool, rayon or cotton) with an irregular distressed pattern.See the Starkiller fabric detail page for for more information.
Is sleeveless and ends at the ankle.
Is tailored to fit the wearer.
The front, sides, and back seams are open below the belt to the floor.
Coat has a 1.5 to 2 inch military collar.
For level two certification (if applicable):
The top of the outer robe has a 4 inch pleat in the center and its sewn 4 inches up the back and forks out at the ends
At the right and left of the center seam, two 4 inch pleats/tucks are sewn up the back to the same height as the two forks in the center
Is constructed of four panels
The rear panels have vertical pleats approximately 5 inches left and right of the center line from slightly below the belt they align with the top coat pleats at the right and left side.
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