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Help Vern get new shoes for work.

Thank you Lord, for protecting my Son who just got robbed at gunpoint today by 4 men. They can have his shoes and wallet, I have my Son.  


Replacement shoes will cost about $150.  Please donate what you can because even a little can add up quickly.  I have already replaced his wallet for him and paid for a replacement ID.  He also had his Dad's photo in his wallet and I have replaced that also for him.

This young man works so hard at his job, he rides bike to work every day and just doesn't bother anyone.  It's just a shame when things like this happen.  

I will keep an update on funds raised.

Goal $150              1.  Raised $10    A.Quillen                      

                               2. Raised $20     Mom

                               3. Raised $20     R. Stenzel 

New Goal $100!    4. 


Thank you so much!